Frequently Asked Questions

This section is regularly updated to ensure the user understands the latest facts, terminology and questions about the escort industry, if you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page please do get in touch.

When are you open?2021-07-22T08:11:16+01:00

We are open 24 hours a day

What area’s do you serve?2021-07-21T11:52:42+01:00

We predominately operate throughout London and the Home Counties.  Please check our up to date map as to where all our models are based.

Can your models travel outside of London or even abroad?2021-07-03T15:03:48+01:00

Yes absolutely. However we would need notice to make this happen – its best to get in touch to discuss this.

How much notice do I need to give for the booking?2021-07-03T15:04:57+01:00

As much as possible. Its unlikely the model will be free at ten minutes notice so please try and plan ahead.

Can I see the model for less time than advertised?2021-07-03T15:06:39+01:00

In a word yes, let us know upon booking your chosen model and time.

Do you accept credit cards or cheques?2021-07-03T15:08:41+01:00

No we currently only accept cash, payable to the model at the very start of the meeting.

Are all photos on the site real?2021-07-21T11:51:18+01:00

Yes and up to date.

Can I meet the model before I make a booking?2021-07-03T15:10:18+01:00

Unfortunately no.

What is incall/outcall?2021-07-03T15:13:03+01:00

Incall means that the model will accept a booking at her apartment while outcall means she will only meet you at your residence or chosen hotel

You have different models on the site compared to last time I used you.2021-07-03T15:15:13+01:00

Models do come and go. We do keep our site as up to date as possible. If you don’t see someone on there, she more than likely doesn’t work with us anymore.

Can I book more than one model at the same time? 2021-07-03T15:17:10+01:00

Yes absolutely, just get in touch and we can help

Do you have a Facebook page?2021-07-03T15:22:47+01:00

Yes please check our site to follow our page

Do you have a price list?2021-07-22T11:26:05+01:00

Our average prices are

£150 for the first hour

£120 each hour thereafter, or

£70 for and additional 30 mins

£900 for overnight/8 hrs with the full amount to be paid at start of the booking


£220 for the first hour

£180 each hour thereafter, or

£130 for and additional 30 mins

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